Givens2012_5630 copyI knew very little about your gender before I had you.

Growing up in a house with just Granny Newton and me left me a little in the dark about boys.

Your dad taught me much when we dated and married, but he was the grown-up variety. Then we had Beth, your favorite sister in the world, and I concentrated on all things pink and feminine and had the time of my life. Granny Wright told me everyone should have a girl, and she was right.

A couple years later, the doctor proclaimed, “It’s a boy!” when Will was born. My first thought was, “Ahhh.  A boy!” Sigh. Tear of joy.

My second thought was, “I don’t know a thing about boys!”

It was you three who taught me about little boys and how they grow into men.

How they love adventures and dogs and fun. How they laugh hard and play hard. How they are protective of their mamas, even as little fellas. How they sometimes speak with actions rather than words. How they roll around on the ground like puppies. How they love a hard-fought competition. How they find no use for soap and shampoo for about the first ten years of life. How they can be in a major kafuffle one minute and best friends the next. How independent and innovative they are.

How everyone should also have a boy.

You’ve been fabulous teachers, and I love you dearly.

One other thing I have learned for sure is that the guy who wrote the book on love languages missed one.

You have taught me that food is an official love language!

That’s why I’m starting this blog. Will, you’ll be a senior next year. Lee and John, believe it or not, your time at home will fly past, as well.

I know you’ll be some unhappy people out in this big world if you don’t have good food to eat. I also know you’re not going to have enough money to go to Zaxby’s every day.

Maybe these recipes and instructions will help.

Always know I love you, and I am so very grateful God gave me you.

I love you,



5 responses to “About

  1. Love the blog. I now can make your amazing hot chocolate! I plan to learn from you to Mrs.Sherri! Love you.

  2. Beth, I saw your comment, but I couldn’t figure out how to reply until now. Still learning about all the blogging world! Thanks for the encouragement. And thanks to you, too, Kristy! I love you both!

  3. Below is the dictionary.com definition of FAMOUS. Beth, I’d say your mom is already famous to us, right?!

    fa·mous/ˈfeɪməs/ Show Spelled [fey-muhs] Show IPA
    1. having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated: Synonyms: famed, notable, illustrious. Antonyms: unknown, obscure.
    2. first-rate; excellent:

    I would just add dearly loved and admired as a genuine woman of Christ. 🙂

    I just signed up for your blog updates to be emailed to me….so excited!
    love you all!
    jess craft

    • What a special message to find first thing this morning! Thank you, sweet friend! We sure love you, too! 🙂 Also, we’ve been keeping up with ECU basketball. Go Pirates!! We’re rooting for y’all in the semifinals coming up!

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