Brown Sugar Honey Latte

Dear Boys,

Friends are so amazing.  How would we make it through life without ’em?

From laughter to tears and then back again, they come alongside us and journey with us and sometimes even carry us.

It can be the little things they do — like teach me how to use my phone, or the big things –like hold my arms up during the hard parts of life.

Recently I received a text from Mrs. Erin.  Isn’t she great, by the way?!  I don’t get to see her very often these days, but every time I do she makes me smile, at the very least.  Usually, it’s laugh-out-loud good times with her!  She has so much joy, and it’s absolutely contagious.  She  told me she had made cold brew coffee and was enjoying it with her dear girls.  The amazing thing she said was that she used brown sugar rather than white to make the simple syrup.  What a great idea!

See?  This is what I’m talking about.  This is one of those little ideas from a friend that just makes life better.  I made a mental note to use brown sugar the next time I prepared simple syrup.

Then a couple weeks later I was with another friend who is actually only my friend because she was your friend first, Will.  She and I had coffee together at a place in town called Coffee Cat, which is amazing, by the way.  Go there if you want a great coffee date.

Anyway, Caroline recommended the brown sugar honey latte (another great tip from a friend).  We had it hot the first time we went, and it was great.  Most recently we had it iced, and it was even better.

Since I can’t go to Coffee Cat every day, I decided to try making one of these at home.  I think it’s technically not a latte because it doesn’t have espresso.  Your sister would know for sure because she is a real life barista and can even make pretty pictures in the foam on top.  She’s amazing, but you know that already.

For now, here is how to make some brown sugar honey coffee:

dsc_0528Measure 1 cup brown sugar and add to a small sauce pan.


Measure 1 cup water and pour into the pan.


Turn heat to medium and stir until sugar is completely dissolved.

dsc_0549I store ours in a pint canning jar.  You can let it cool a bit in the fridge before adding it to your coffee.  (Store it in the fridge after you make your coffee.)

dsc_0552Pour yourself a glass of cold brew coffee and add a small amount of the syrup.  I never measure.  You can experiment and see how much you like.

dsc_0559Add some ice and drizzle some honey into your coffee.  You can stir it with a straw.

dsc_0565Of course, you’ll also want a big splash of cream.  Very important.

When I was sipping on my coffee, I was thinking about one of those big things a friend showed me.  Friends plural, actually.   Last year, Will, you helped make a video for a Miss Homecoming campaign at Auburn.  The candidate’s platform was the tragedy of human trafficking.  Not only did y’all address that issue in the video series, but you also talked about the freedom that is available to all of us in Christ.  Our friend Caroline is one of the people in the video.  Every time I see it, I get tears in my eyes when I ponder the profound truth spoken here.

Have some iced coffee while you take a few minutes to watch.

I love you,



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