Cocoa by the Cup

Dear Boys,


This is what it looks like here today.

Only two blooms remain on the coneflowers, and crunchy leaves line our walk.  Fall is unfolding each day.

It’s supposed to dip into the 60’s tonight, and . . .

Yes, I did say “dip.” And, yes, I know that most people don’t consider that a dip, but rather a very comfortable temperature.  I’m a little different when it comes to the weather.  Give me 90 degrees every day.  I’m getting cold already.

. . . and I find myself looking for something hot to drink.

I haven’t yet made the big batch of powdered cocoa mix, so I settled on a single cup of cocoa.  Here is how you make it:


Measure 2 teaspoons powdered cocoa and place in a small saucepan.


Add 2 Tablespoons sugar  andDSC_0074

a shake of salt.


A whisk will help you mix them well.


Put about 1 Tablespoon cream into a liquid measuring cup.


Add milk until you reach 1 cup.

Add this to the cocoa, sugar, and salt.


Add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Use the whisk again to stir well and heat until it’s the temperature you like.


Pour it into your favorite mug and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Thoughtful words regarding autumn from your sister today: “seeing the leaves change always gives me hope that there is beauty in death.”

Think on that while you sip your cocoa.

I love you,



2 responses to “Cocoa by the Cup

  1. I always enjoy your posts and the recipes included in them. It’s hard to believe that our children are now grown. Where has the time gone so very quickly? I wish I was there to enjoy a cup of this cocoa with you as we reminisce on our childhood days. You always were and still are more than just my cousin. You have always been a very dear friend. I wish we could visit more often. Sending God’s blessings to you and your family. Love you!

    • YES!! I’d love to sip on some cocoa with you. So many things to remember . . . breaking beans with Aunt Dordy, your mama’s delicious gravy and biscuits with a slice of fresh tomato for breakfast, you and I (the littles) having to nap when Rhonda and Lana didn’t, seeing if kittens would always actually land on their feet . . . so many sweet memories with you, my first friend. Love you, too.

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