Will’s First Trip to the Grocery

Dear Will,

Tomorrow you spread your wings and move to your own apartment.  Sniff.  Sniff.




In just a couple blinks you grew from this adorable little fella







into an incredible young man who is ready to take his place in this big world.

I’ve watched you over the past few months squirrel away pots, pans, dishes, towels.  You’ve reupholstered a chair, refinished a desk.  You and Dad are building a table that will last you a lifetime.  So many things you have readied to move into your apartment.

One of the remaining spaces to fill will be you refrigerator and pantry, two spots near and dear to your heart.

It is easier than one might think to drop $100 at the grocery and come home with hardly anything.  This is especially true when you first set up housekeeping, because you need EVERYTHING!

I thought it might help to have a suggested grocery list for that first trip.  If you go to Kroger and the farmers market, I think this will cost pretty close to $100 and should get you off to a good start. You’ll be able to make several meals, and you’ll have acquired a few staples like flour and sugar that will carry over.

  •  Lettuce (I recommend you get your other produce at the farmers market, but a big head of green or red leaf lettuce is just 99 cents right now.)
  • Bread or bagels for sandwiches (At the end of the bread aisle back in the corner is the shelf of markdowns.  I always look to see if there are dented canned goods for a reduced price.)
  • 28-oz. can crushed tomatoes in puree to make pizza sauce
  • Small tomato paste for pizza sauce
  • One box of crackers to make breading for fried chicken
  • One pound of coffee (Your sweet sister who is our family coffee connoisseur reports the Private Selection brand tastes as good as the expensive brands.  Use one cup ground coffee per 2 quarts of water for cold brew.)
  • Bacon for breakfast and possibly to improve a sandwich or two
  • Pepperonis for pizza
  • One box of cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios are only $1.99 for the family size this week!)
  • 5 lbs. self-rising flour for biscuits
  • 5 lbs. all-purpose flour for pizza crust
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar for lemonade
  • One can sweetened condensed milk for iced coffee
  • Chicken breasts (Two for chicken salad and the amount you want to fry for dinner one night – or double and have leftovers!)
  • Olive oil for cooking eggs
  • Cooking oil for frying chicken
  • Salad dressing
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tilapia (Look for this in the fish freezer.  There is a package with individually wrapped pieces for about $10.  You’ll have a good bit left over for future meals.)
  • Chips to go with sandwiches
  • Milk
  • Mozzarella cheese for pizza
  • Eggs
  • Deli meat for sandwiches

If you have time, it’s worth it to go to the Parkway Farmer’s Market for the following items:

  • Whatever fruit is on sale.  This will vary according to the season.  You are moving out when peaches are just 59 cents a pound!  Anytime I get fruit for 99 cents a pound it is a good deal, so the peaches are a great price.
  • Tomatoes for salads and sandwiches and pizza
  • Celery for chicken salad
  • Lemons for lemonade and one for the chicken salad
  • 3-5 pound bag of potatoes
  • Whatever veggies you like on your salad and in your eggs

These food items will provide for the following meal items:

Breakfast – Eggs.  Bacon.  Biscuits.  Cereal.  Fruit.  Omelets.

Lunch – Chicken salad sandwiches.  Deli meat sandwiches.  Chips.  Fruit.

Dinner – Pizza/salad.  Fried chicken/green beans from our garden/mashed potatoes.  Blackened tilapia/roasted potatoes/salad.

That is my suggested plan for your first meals on your own, though I’m pretty sure you could make a list and a menu all by yourself at this point.

You’re ready to fly, Will, and it’s gonna be so great.

If you hear a little voice across the way, it’ll be me, cheering you on and praying for you.

I love you,



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