Snow Cream

Dear Boys,

Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, we could always count on some snow days every year.  If enough flakes fell, school was canceled, and a glorious day ensued.

Layers of clothes.  Hats, coats, gloves.  A gathering of all the nearby children and about a thousand trips over the nearest hillside.

One of my favorite ways to sled was to cut two holes in the bottom of a huge trash bag.  I’d put my legs in the holes and cinch the bag under my arms.  It was the perfect built-in sled.  Just sit down and slide.  Arms were free walking back up the hill.  Down the hill again and again and again.

The perfect treat after a day of sledding was a bowl of snow cream.  I would gather a big bowl of clean snow, and Granny Newton would make us some.

DSC_0160First, pour a bit of vanilla into a cup.  I have never measured the ingredients exactly, but it’s probably about one teaspoon.

DSC_0162Pour some milk into the cup.  This distributes the vanilla and keeps you from having brown vanilla spots in your snow cream that are difficult to stir in.

DSC_0165Sprinkle some sugar over the snow.  Again, I’m not sure how much.  You can always add more later  if it’s not sweet enough.

Stir the sugar into the snow.

DSC_0175Pour some of the flavored milk over the sweetened snow.  You need just enough to wet it; you don’t want it to be soupy.

DSC_0178Notice that I only used about half the milk on the right.  This means we’ll need to make more snow cream later!

Stir until well blended.



Enjoy the snow days in life!

I love you,









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