Whipped Cream

Dear Boys,

I was first introduced to whipped cream by dear Mrs. Humburg.  She has always had a special way of making ordinary events extraordinary, in much the same way that  everyday cream is transformed to sweet, velvety goodness worthy of a celebration.

Dad and I first met Dr. and Mrs. Humburg at church when we were newlyweds.  Dad got to know Dr. Humburg even more since he was one of the vet school professors who trained Dad.  We are so thankful for them in so many ways.

Y’all adored visits at the Humburgs when you were growing up.

Let the three-year-olds use the best china and silver?  Absolutely!!  At least, that’s what happens when you’re with Dr. and Mrs. Humburg.  So many precious tea parties for happy Covenant children at their home over the years.

Tea – with the milk poured first into the cup – and tiny cubes of sugar to sweeten it.

Scrumptious pies and cakes – with whipped cream, of course.

And the stories!  After feasting on all the goodies, she always had a story.  Sometimes from a book, but usually from her heart.

She is one who has shown me well how to taste and see that the Lord is good.  (Psalm 34:8)

Among many lovely things, she showed me how to make whipped cream:

DSC_0119Heavy whipping cream is the main ingredient.  I don’t have an exact amount. Mrs. Humburg is one of those talented cooks who just knows how to make something.  Measurements and recipes are unnecessary.

If you want an idea, though, I probably used close to one cup.

DSC_0122Pour the cream into a cold mixing bowl.  You can put it in the refrigerator ahead of time or run cold water on it.  Just be sure to dry it with a towel, of course, if you go with the latter method.

DSC_0136Add some powdered sugar.  This is a heaping tablespoon.



Then you’ll need some vanilla extract.  I think this was about one teaspoon or so.

DSC_0129At this point, you can be thankful for electric mixers.  Back in the day, people used wire whisks like this one.

If you don’t have a mixer, you can still have whipped cream.  Just be prepared to use those muscles and exercise some patience.

DSC_0140After beating for a short time, use a spatula to make sure you have all the sugar incorporated.

DSC_0141Then beat on a medium to high speed.  In a very short period of time, you’ll go from having liquid cream to soft, fluffy whipped cream.

It’s important to stay with it and stop mixing when you see this happen.  If you whip it too long, you’ll have butter.  I enjoy butter as much as the next guy, but it just doesn’t serve up as nice on a piece of pie or cake.

DSC_0153This whipped cream and these raspberries are reserved for an extraordinary day indeed.

photoWe got your sister from the airport last night after her grand adventures in Europe.  We’ll be celebrating with cheesecake later today.

I hope your ordinary days are always filled with great joy.

I love you,











3 responses to “Whipped Cream

  1. Oh Sherry, I want to be Mrs. Humburg (I thought you wrote HUMBUG and I thought it was going to be a fairy tale!!) What a delightful way to share a recipe and I am solo glad that Beth is home safe. What a wonderful life opportunities you and Dany are giving your children! What amazing children they are and what amazing adults they will be!!! God bless you guys! love, mimi

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