Minced Garlic

Dear Boys,

So many recipes call for minced garlic.

Rather than retell again and again about garlic, I decided to do one post about adding garlic to recipes.

Garlic is a cousin to an onion.  Just like y’all love going to KY to visit Hannah, Allie, Shelby, Matthew, Michael and Emma, garlic and onions go well together.  Pair them for tasty flavors!



So that you know the terms, this is a garlic bulb.


A bulb is composed of several small sections called cloves.  You can easily break away a clove from the bulb by pulling on one.


I think it’s pretty amazing that cloves come individually wrapped.  Yet another marvel of creation!

If you’ll cut off just the tip on one end of the clove, you’ll be able to begin peeling off this wrapping called the skin.


It will look like this when it is peeled.  Then you are ready to mince.

There are handy gadgets out there called garlic presses that will make quick work of mincing.  I keep forgetting to buy one, though, so I just use a knife.  It’s very doable.

DSC_0333I make several cuts going the length of the clove.  Don’t cut all the way through, however.  For example, let’s say the clove is an inch long.  You would cut down about 7/8 of an inch.


Then turn the garlic a quarter turn and make the same kind of slices.  You should now have a clove that is still joined together at the base but is cut into several long “towers.”

DSC_0344Lay the clove on its side and cut across all those “towers” again and again.

DSC_0594Now you have minced garlic.

A recipe generally calls for a certain number of cloves or a measured amount (eg. 1 tsp. minced garlic).

You’ll have bad breath, of course, when you eat garlic.  It sure tastes good, though, and there is lots of research out there that says garlic is good for you, as well!

Happy cooking!

I love you,





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