Grilled Squash

Dear Boys,

Presently, only 1/3 of you will eat grilled squash, but I have hopes for a higher numerator in the future.

Squash casserole fares even worse around here, so I shall continue the focus on grilling.  Everything tastes better with little grill marks across it, right?


Choose small, tender squash.  Overgrown ones are tough, thick-skinned, large-seeded things to be avoided.


After washing them, cut off the ends.


Then cut them vertically the length of the squash.

These were extra small, so I only made one vertical cut.  They could have grown a bit more and needed two cuts, but I picked them a bit early.  I am notorious for leaving one on the vine and then coming back two days later to find a small club.  I was trying to avoid that this time.

(Of course, I know y’all don’t mind.  Many an overgrown squash and zucchini have been blasted into a million pieces in our yard with a baseball bat.)

I’m actually concerned that you might prefer that over eating the squash.

I get that.  Making contact with the squash and seeing it explode adds some fun to all the labor of gardening.

Even still,  growing vegetables we can eat remains a priority.


You’ll need 1/4 cup olive oil,



Add to it 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder,



1/8 teaspoon black pepper (I couldn’t find my 1/8 measuring spoon, so I guessed at half of a fourth),


and 1/2 teaspoon salt.


Stir all of this together, put the squash in a ziploc bag, and pour the oil mixture over the vegetables.   You might have to scrape out the spices to make sure you get them out of the cup.


Seal the bag and gently move the squash around the bag to evenly coat.  Place in the refrigerator.

I did this about 3:00 and left them there until dinner time.  You can vary this as needed.

Dad had a meeting and couldn’t come home early to make Dad’s Grilled Burgers or the grilled squash, so I tackled the grill.

Just knowing how to grill burgers, by the way, must not be all that is required.

I think there might be a gender-linked gene that facilitates the finer points of grilling.

I placed the burgers just as Dad had done last week.  I arranged the squash so as to leave the very important “flipping corner” that Dad had described.

I oh-so-carefully picked up the burgers and flipped them in the designated area.

Alas, I still had fires all over the place.

I was moving burgers right and left to keep from charring them.

Oh, well.  I’ll keep trying.

The squash did well, though.  Not a one of them was burned to a crisp I am happy to report.

They were cooked on low.  After about 7 or 8 minutes, I turned all of them with tongs and let them grill another 5-7 minutes.


They will look like this when they are ready.

Two thirds of you will have to try them again and see what you think.  After all, you never know when your taste buds will change.

I love you,



The view from under the umbrella

P.S.  By the way, I don’t recommend grilling in the rain.  It started out so slowly that I thought I could manage, but it got wetter and wetter.  And I really don’t recommend taking pictures for a blog while holding an umbrella while grilling in the rain.  It gets quite tricky, and I couldn’t have done it without y’all helping me with the grilling and  making the rest of our dinner.  Thank you!


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