Dear Boys,

There are so many variations when making smoothies.  Here is a basic formula that should give you good flavor and consistency.

1/2 cup fresh fruit

DSC_0027I used bananas, because they’re good for you and we almost always have them on hand.

1/3 cup fruit juice

DSC_0028I used pineapple, because I had some left over from strawberry pretzel salad.  You could use apple, orange, berry, whatever you like.

DSC_0029Add the juice to the fruit.  I make a single serving in the cup that came with our immersion blender.  Perfect size.

1 cup frozen fruit

DSC_0032You can freeze most any kind of fruit and use it for smoothies.  Just lay it out flat when you freeze it so that it doesn’t end up in one big clump.

I like using the frozen fruit rather than ice.  You need something to add thickness and make it cold.  The fruit gives great flavor at the same time.

DSC_0034Add the frozen fruit to the previous ingredients.

3/4 cup yogurt

DSC_0041I use Greek yogurt since it has more protein.

DSC_0042Add the yogurt to all the other ingredients.

DSC_0045Then you’re ready to mix.  Our immersion blender works great, but you could also use a traditional one.


Mix until everything is processed.

DSC_0051John, it was a fun idea to add an umbrella!  Felt almost like we were at the beach or something.

I love y’all,












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