Freezing Strawberries


Dear Boys,

In east central Alabama, this is the place to go for fresh strawberries.  We’ve been making this trek since before you were born, John.  Maybe before you were with us, too, Lee.

They have all the strawberries you could pick and more.  The owner is friendly and always directs us to a plentiful picking row.  The price is good every year.

DSC_0490You don’t even have to pick them yourselves if you don’t want to.  For an extra fee, customers can purchase one of these buckets that are waiting on the porch.  Of course, we don’t do that, cause y’all are such great berry pickers!


We had three gallons of berries after about 10 minutes of picking.





Who wants to leave this lovely place so soon, though?  So we stayed a little longer to take pictures.


This picture makes me smile.  Will, I hope you got the yellow shoes in one.  Beth, it was a great instagram!

Maybe you won’t pick more than you can eat, but if you do, here’s what to do with them.


Place the extras in a strainer in the sink.


Wash with cool water.


Let them drip dry for a bit in the sink.


Then spread them out on a towel to dry completely.

You don’t want to freeze them while they’re wet, because that water will turn to ice, and you don’t want ice all over your berries.


When they’re dry, cut the caps off the berries.


Make sure there is a lot more green than red when removing the caps.  You want to keep as much of each strawberry as possible.


Now you just put the berries into a bag.  Without squishing the berries, try to push out as much air as possible.


I like to get a second bag to cut down on freezer burn.

DSC_0606Just tuck the first bag inside the second and seal.

DSC_0613Lay them flat like this in your freezer.  Then they won’t stick together when they freeze.

These are great for smoothies or for just grabbing a few for a snack.

Thanks for strawberry picking with me!  I loved it!

And I love you!



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