How to Brown Ground Meat

Dear Boys,

Nothing overly complicated here, but so many things need ground meat.  Beef for spaghetti, tacos, lasagna.  You can put ground sausage on pizza or in quiche.  So many good things!

Browning meat is mostly self-explanatory, but there is one little thing that I think makes it better.  Hence, I devoted a post to something that you can pretty much already do.

Place a cast iron skillet on medium heat and let it warm for a minute.

2013-03-02 01.56.43

This is sausage, by the way.

Put the meat into the skillet and use a spatula to spread it throughout the pan.

At this point, it’s tempting to keep playing with it until it’s cooked through, but I like to walk away from it for a bit.  (This is that one little thing that I mentioned earlier.)

2013-03-02 02.01.48

If you’ll leave it for five minutes or so, it will get a nicely seared bottom.  Think somewhat fried.  (I have your attention now, don’t I?)  Tender inside and the tiniest bit of ummph on the outside.  Not really crisp but not ho-hum, either.

If you’re not sure if you’re there yet, you can lift up a section with the spatula and take a peek.  If it doesn’t yet look like the outside of a hamburger, let it go a bit longer.

2013-03-02 02.02.30

When it’s browned well on the bottom, start flipping the meat and using the spatula to break it into small pieces.

2013-03-02 02.04.14

Keep doing this until you see no more pink.

Sometimes there will be a bit of liquid in the meat.  Cooking a bit longer will allow this to evaporate.  Grease will stay forever, though, so you’ll have to drain that when it’s finished cooking.

2013-03-02 03.04.31

Just set a colander on top of a large bowl or pot and pour meat into it and let drain.

2013-03-02 02.05.26

Now you’re ready to make something delicious!  I’d love to hear what you made if you want to call and tell me.

I love you,


P.S.  Y’all have heard me joke for years that I’m going to picket a cow in the back yard like Laura and Mary did in the Little House books.  Then we’d have all the meat y’all could eat.

At least for a while.

Beef or pork raised on the family farm is the very best meat indeed, as you know from eating what Nana and Papa share with us.

When you have money and space for a freezer, purchasing meat from a local grower makes sense (and cents!).

Sorry.  Corny joke, I know.  Couldn’t resist.

Oooh!  Better still, y’all could raise cattle!  Perhaps Dad would handle your vet work, and I could come over to see all the newborn calves.

But only if you want to raise cows.

Love you!



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