Dear Boys,

This one is short and sweet, but it’s about meat, so I know it will be important to you.


John, you may particularly enjoy this recipe since you recently proclaimed bacon as the “fuel of all great men.”  (Did you come up with that yourself, by the way, or did you hear it?  It’s a nice metaphor.  I can tell you are a word person.)

I used to fry bacon in a skillet on the stove.  It curls up, though, leaving the middle done with the ends yet uncooked.  And grease splatters something awful.  It also doesn’t feel good if it pops on you, and it’s rather messy to clean up.  Plus, you have to stay with it constantly.

All these things made me not want to cook bacon.

Then I went through a microwave phase.  We used to have a special plate that was just for microwaving bacon.  It only held a few pieces, though, which didn’t work well for our family of six.

Then I heard about baking bacon in the oven.  (That’s really tricky to say several times fast, by the way.  Baking bacon.  Baking bacon.)  I wish I could remember where I learned about this so that I could give credit where it is due.  It’s a great idea, though.  Very little mess.  Doesn’t require “babysitting,” so you can work on other things while it is cooking.  It’s my new favorite way to cook bacon.


All you have to do is cover a baking pan (use one with a “lip” on the side and not a flat cookie sheet) with aluminum foil.  Lay the bacon on the pan and bake at 375 until it reaches your preferred crispy/chewy level.


While it’s cooking, you could make a batch of biscuits or scramble some eggs or put together a sub sandwich.  Or you could do what you’ve probably always wanted to do.

Just eat a pound of bacon all by yourself.

I love y’all!



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