How to Cut a Grapefruit

Dear Boys,

Beth recently told me that she pretty much quit eating grapefruit when I quit cutting them for her.  So, I’m on a small mission to get us all eating grapefruit.  They’re so good and and so good for you!


A knife with a serrated edge is the key.  A smooth blade just won’t cut it.


Turn the grapefruit sideways and cut in half, between the “poles.”


First, cut around the circumference of the fruit.  Go deep, yet avoid puncturing the rind.


Next, cut just to the left and right of each membrane that sections the fruit.

That’s it!  Your grapefruit is cut and ready to eat.  You’ll likely want to sprinkle a little sugar on there.  (John, a little does not equal 1/4 cup!)  : )


Eat often, especially in the winter.  It’ll help you stay well!

Love you,



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